Searching for a good photo editor

My blog is becoming more general every day, I hope that is ok. My problem is I don’t have enough time to familiarize with the wordpress platform. I haven’t posted in years now… and every time I feel like I’m starting again from scratch, as I forgot everything else.

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Ok, so long story short: I was searching for a good photo editor and finally found one on website. It does his job well, it’s portable and free. Really cool effects.

Download link is here.

And more mirrors are here:







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Cats are fun

Haven’t posted in a while. I am testing the wordpress platform, I see lots of changes.

Anyway, so I’ve found a cool video with pets, so I’ve added a link.

Talk to you soon!


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MahjongTitans.Org is back!

One thing made me smile a few days ago: Mahjong Titans website was updated with a lot more games and the design was drastically improved.

This was a major update for the lovely small website. According to the news they have now 80 logic games online in multiple categories. The website is quite popular among the mahjong and brain games fans and it serves 10.000 games each month, according to the statistics.

This is for sure one of the 2015 best news for the online gaming community. Well done MahjongTitans.Org !


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The right hidden object game

Sometimes hidden object games can be tricky, Especially if you are new to this games genre. Hidden ibject games are considered a sub-category of puzzle games. In general you have to be a little detective and find numbers, letters or objects.

Let’s take for example Find The Objects In Shop. In this case, the title is self – explenatory: you really have to find all the objects in the shop.

One of my favorite games are jewel games. You may argue that jewel games are not hidden object games… but if you are not, please read on and just try. Here is another blog.

Once you played enough, you can try next The Crystal Battle, an adrenaline charged flash game!

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How to Pass Your Free time

Most people choose on-line video gaming that contain numerous motion and experience. That is the reason why you can see a lot of websites with video games that contain a great deal of action as well as promise them a taste of adventure.

Most of these games are simply to function nice animation with the intention to cause them to become more enticing towards the players.

Web sites offering on-line video gaming try to attract as numerous customers as they will, and therefore make it some extent to supply users with several types of games.. Thus you’ll simply discover motion game titles, card games, board video video games, sports activities game titles, strategy games and sports video games on any in style gaming website. The most effective a part of enjoying these game titles is that a consumer does not should play on your own. Most web websites provide players using the prospect of taking part in their favorite game titles together with others, thereby making the overall game more entertaining.

Snake is one of those very few video games, which have received worldwide acclaim for their own simple instructions, rules and enormous excitement quotient. Unlike most other online games where the player gets stuck midway because of lack of proper information about the game, this game helps the players to continue playing with complete ease. This is presumably because of the few keys that are involved and using lucid language that assist the players comprehend the overall game easily. Playing this game online does not involve any expense which is free of expense.

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How to choose Online Games

Online games today aren’t just being appreciated by boys but in addition by girls. With the recent popularity of various genre of games designed for girls, it has become extremely popular and there are a huge selection of online cooking, games, dress ups, restaurant managing, and even housekeeping services. Not that we agree with such stereotyping!

Read. Read reviews concerning the particular game that you want your daughter to be playing.

There are many reviews about one online game and it will provide you with an idea if this is a game that you’ll prefer and is good for your daughter. There are furthermore forums about online flash games, you can join and have what games are right for age your kid. Just beware of some forums, when you want to register ensure that the forum is really a legal site rather than a scam. Do not offer any important details about you and your money.

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What are Hidden Object games (HOG)?

Well hidden object games are basically games in which a player has to find hidden pictures or objects in the screen to move on to the next level.

Who has not necessarily enjoyed them yet, hidden object games come in essence adventure such as experiences. From my point of view they are very amusing. Playing against the actual computer and investing some exciting hrs, free hidden object games certainly are a good decision. These games are extremely demanded in the particular casual game marketplace, and a lots of them are established on long-familiar fictional characters alike Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew. Famous characters like Nancy Drew, Hercule Poirot as well as Sherlock Holmes are main actors and that is one reason exactly why these games are popular within the casual game market.

Always looking for unknown and unusual games, or at the least games that are usually unlike anything I have diddled before, I discovered the particular Mystery Case Data files series from Huge Fish Games. In Return to Ravenhearst you’ll be deeply drawn in the Mystery Case Documents. Even if you never consider yourself a fan from the genre, the mystery and puzzles are more than enough to keep a person playing right as much as the very finish. At Big Fish Games you will find all three Puzzle Case Files available.

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If you like Hidden object games and you are a serious gamer: you are welcome.

If you play flash games from time to time: you are welcome.

If you are a simple visitor: you are welcome.

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